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I guess the biggest thing about having a service dog is it gave me the confidence and a new sense of freedom.

Greg R., Veteran

Our Training Program

Our lifetime program is free for accepted veterans and here is what you can expect.


The first step to our program is to submit an online application to see if you will qualify.  There is a small $25 application fee.  New classes start in March and September of every year.



During the first 20 weeks, our experienced trainers will focus on teaching the service dog teams basic behavioral fundamentals.  We work closely with you and your dog to ensure you are a proficient TEAM.


The next phase of the program involves our trainers taking the service dog teams to various public venues.  This phase of training helps to facilitate stability and confidence while interacting with the public.


The final phase of training will focus on teaching your dog specific tasks pertinent to your needs.  These tasks could include mobility assistance, retrieval skills, and PTSD, such as depression, anxiety, hypervigilance and night terrors.


As part of the training, we will help you achieve the following certifications – AKC K9 Good Citizen, ASAS Public Access, and ASAS Service Dog Certification.


As your needs change, you will have the opportunity to train with us biweekly and participate in various ASAS activities and events.

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We would love to help you get your life back.