Service Dog Benefits

A trained service dog can help you get your life back!

A well-trained service dog can help individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence and mobility.

A Best Friend
A service dog is always there for you no matter what, unconditionally. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  We affectionately call the mour Battle Buddies

Increased Independence
Assist in many daily tasks that can sometimes be difficult. Pick up dropped items, open doors or pull laundry out of the dryer are just some of the tasks that a service dog can complete.  This empowerment has many practical and emotional benefits!sercice-dog

Increased Strength and Agility
Working and playing with your service dog is a great form of physical therapy. Whether performing everyday work, learning new skills or just playing around, Vets move more.

Treatment Assistance
Service dogs can be trained to recognize symptoms, triggers or distress. They can remind their owners to take their medications, interact with their owners to help them cope or notify other people of the situation.

Emergency Help
Service dogs can bring their owner a phone or medication.  They can open doors or help people locate the Vet.  They can even help steady people or get back up if they have fallen.

Anxiety Relief
Sometimes everyday activities like going grocery shopping can be completely overwhelming.  Knowing that your service dog is there for you, no matter what, can greatly increase a Vet’s ability to cope with stressful situations.

People with dogs are more likely to meet new people!  It also makes it easier to strike up and have a conversation about your service dog.