Why I love dog training

I have been honored to be a part of ASAS for over 2 years now.  The human-animal bond is undeniable and it is especially strong between a service dog and his/her person.  I became a veterinarian because of my affection for dogs (cats are OK too).  I love the challenge of caring for patients that can’t verbally explain their illness or injury.  As a surgeon, I enjoy fixing problems and quickly getting my patients on to the road to recovery.  In treating dogs and cats I get to help the humans that care for them as well.  I hope my educational seminars and newsletters will help keep our teams healthy and functional for a very long time.

5 things about me

  • As a veterinarian I should be unbiased.  However, I will show favoritism to Labrador Retrievers especially if they are English.
  • I am a huge Harry Potter fan.
  • The most commonly played artist in my IPod is Adele.
  • My newest hobby is competing in Barn Hunt trials with my Labradors.
  • I am a die hard fan of the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team. If you show up at my house with a UConn shirt I may not let you in.