Why I love dog training

I have a passion for helping people connect with their dogs.  I believe that dogs react inappropriately because they are either misunderstood or they have not been shown proper behavior.  Sometimes owners try to mold their dog into something beyond their being.  They are dogs, but they are capable of learning and performing fabulous skills.  They will give effortlessly and endlessly to a compassionate & trustworthy owner.  I desire to help people connect with their dog to create a strong bond & friendship.  With a strong bond, fabulous things can happen.

Learn your dog’s fears, thresholds & strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Learn to listen to your dog; not just with your ears but also with your heart & soul.

Learn to “Dance” with your dog to become one.

Woof, Woof! Life is Good!

5 things about me

  • I love to roller blade
  • I am an outdoor adventure junkie
  • I am married to a retired Navy vet who is my best friend!
  • I love to laugh
  • I HATE flies & mosquitoes!!


Debbie earned her certification from Animal Behavior College.