Why I love dog training

I grew up on a small farm in Iowa and our closest neighbors lived pretty far away – so our dogs were our best friends, buddies and confidants! Nothing since has happened to change my mind about that. I was very interested in being a vet or working with animals so did lots of reading on different types of dog training and my dogs were very patient with me as we tried different things such as cart training, etc (they were very patient….).  After high school, I enlisted in the Navy and served 10 years with my last duty station being at Guam. While I was there, I was lucky enough to be able to train and get certified as a obedience trainer.

Once I was discharged, I enrolled in college but still wanted to keep working with dogs. I couldn’t do it full time so volunteered part time as an assistance trainer first with one trainer and then when I transferred colleges in a different part of the state to complete my doctoral, then with second one.   During this time, I continued with my own dogs in continuing classes in obedience work, agility and rally – both myself and the dogs enjoyed the training very much – we still do when we can!

I think dogs enjoy working with people.  I think the greater majority of dogs love to keep learning new things and all of them love working with their humans.  Being a dog trainer helps me help dogs and their people connect with each other and learn to communicate with one and other – to form a team.  Sometimes a “misbehavior” is simply a “misunderstanding” on the part of one of the team.  It’s a great feeling when each part of the team learns to communicate well with each other and then the fun goes on and on and on!

5 things about me

  • I love to be outside and hike
  • I was married (outside) in full Renaissance dress
  • I am Navy Veteran
  • I love to kayak, target shoot and read
  • I HATE bugs – especially Mosquitoes!! (mostly because they LOVE me)


Deanna earned her certification from WESTPAC Dog Training Academy.