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D4V at a Glance

Dogs4Vets helps disabled veterans train their own dog to be their service dog. Dogs4Vets sponsors disabled veterans that qualify with lifetime, no cost service dog training and certification. The veteran’s program is tailor-made for their specific needs.

Holiday Hazards

This spring we spent some time discussing first aid and specific Arizona Emergencies for our canine companions. Given the busy upcoming holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the hazards for our dogs that come with the season. The most common problems we see during the holiday […]

Dog Foods

One of the most common questions veterinarians get from new dog owners is “What kind of food should I feed?”  Unfortunately, there is no simply answer that can be given for every dog out there.  The right food for you dog is one that is high quality and well balanced.  A good food will help […]